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Chinese women indulge in romantic games

Romantic game and Producer with 94.2% of the players is a woman making waves in China. This game allows the ladies to experience the sensation only found in love stories.
China is currently the largest gaming market in the world with the highest average user returns. The trend of playing games on mobile phones is also on track to overtake computer games.

The third quarter 2017 report by market research firm iResearch found that “PC gaming fell slightly, while mobile game players grew steadily” in China.
Mobile game development companies are not targeting those who are addicted to gaming, but at those who do not usually play, the South China Morning Post of Hong Kong reported.
Also, according to Newzoo’s market analysis report, 45% of mobile game players are women. According to, the trend of mobile games for Chinese people is cartoon style games.
Love and Producer game includes a full range of features just should. This is a mobile game aimed at women in a cartoon style game. Paper Studio Company, the publisher Love and Producer has learned from the romantic game genre, simulating real-life love, which was very popular with women in Asia in the 1990s, was born in Japan.
With Love and Producer, Paper Studio puts the player-girl at the center of attention. They play the role of a lady who is successful, talented, and admired by the 4 men.
Since its release on December 14, 2017, over 7 million people have downloaded apps and games reaching 4 million daily players.

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The difference between men and women when betting

In terms of basic knowledge, women can also participate in all kinds of rafters such as European markets like Asia, Europe, fortune-fainted with full keywords such as “draw is win”, “ball game”, “catch taste ”… clearly and clearly. Many people share that they are interested in do betting were “infected” from her husband, but most of them played small enough to entertain and not be lost. There is also the biggest difference between women and men in every black fun

With the difference in gender, women can control and stop at the right time when playing. At the right time because after all, the family is the most important thing. The essence of Asian women. East is sacrifice, endurance, so before any decision, they always put the benefits of husband and children first. Meanwhile, with men, the pressure to make money for the family. Strike has become the main task, so before the tempting odds, the odds are won tall, men easily “swing their hands over their forehead”, rushing in like burning body. Even that, people do. The husband and father all have good intentions and want to help the family have more money to farm in, but they do to make myself forgive, even become a burden for loved ones.
According to the survey, women bet football with the mindset mainly for fun, like there is something to chat with her husband, do not put much weight on the issue of winning or losing because they only dare to bet very small value. Therefore, most women will choose easy matches like the odds of soccer if playing with the dealer, including bets with a higher chance of winning than needed analyzing more, they just dare to “lose money” with more suitable options.

Female Gamers

BBC’s 100 Women Project: How Female Gamers Cope With Sexism

Esports is an industry that is open to a very limited number of women. They face sexism from male colleagues and huge wage differentials. Two of the most successful female gamers told the BBC how they deal with discrimination and serve as role models for other women in the profession.

This week, London will host the esports awards ceremony nominating the best players in the industry. There is not a single woman among them.
Esports – competition among gamers – is an area that is growing at an incredible pace. According to the consulting company Deloitte, in 2016 the volume of the industry’s profit will grow by 25% and amount to about $ 500 million. And the global audience will reach 150 million people.
Unlike traditional sports, athletes’ physical characteristics play no role in eSports. However, the overwhelming majority of the most popular games are male.

An equal number of men and women play video games, but twice as many men identify themselves as “gamers,” according to a recent poll by the Pew Center. That is, once online play becomes a competition, the number of female players decreases significantly.
Special project “100 women”
As part of the Air Force’s annual special project “100 Women”, we talk about the lives of women in the 21st century in different countries: about the challenges they face every day and the opportunities they face.
Over the next three weeks, we will share inspiring examples of women who have become leaders in sports, music, politics and other areas of life, as well as lead discussions about feminism and other issues.
Steph Harvey is one of the most successful female gamers in the world. In her opinion, only 5% of professional gamblers are women, and the stereotype that exists in society associated with online games is to blame for this.
“This is a ‘men’s club’, so a woman in this world immediately falls into the category of ‘others,’ she explains.
Sexism reigned in the gaming community for many years – it came to harassing playing women. Steph says she was even threatened with rape.
“They described (online – Ed.) What they would do to my body, that I have no right to play because I use my sexuality – and all this in great detail,” she shares.
Steph admits that she often has dark thoughts about work.
“Often I think – why am I doing this if other members of the gaming community hate me? Because I am a feminist, and I believe that women have a place in esports,” she says.

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Making female gamers easy or difficult?

Although they all said that it is too normal for women to play games at the moment, but 8 out of 10 respondents thought it was too difficult to become a professional female gamer.

In fact, gaming is often associated with men, but the diversity of game players is increasing over time, especially for women. Many game developers today are trying to find ways to optimize their games from computers, smartphones, consoles … to be suitable for a wide range of subjects.
The game market is easily accessible to a wide variety of audiences, especially smartphones. Because, unlike personal computers or consoles, smartphones are becoming easier to use, more convenient and also versatile, games are also easily accessible to the other two types of devices.
Female gamers make up a relatively large proportion
Figures citing Wiki show that 48% of women in the US say they have played video games in their life, of which only 6% claim to be gamers, but for men it is 15%. . However, this rate has risen to 9% among women aged 18-29. Only 4% of those aged 50 and over identify themselves as gamers.
According to a study conducted by the Entertainment Software Association in 2009, 40% of game players are women and women 18 and older account for 34% of all gamers. In addition, the percentage of women playing online games has risen to 43%, an increase of 4% compared to 2004. Similar research shows that 48% of game buyers are women. The use of the word “girl gamer” is controversial. Some critics believe there is no exact definition to say about a female gamer.

Female Gamers


“There are also a few exceptions but not the hottest games right now. That makes it difficult to produce games from a women’s perspective, ”commented associate professor.

The same goes for South Korea, the world’s sixth-largest video game market with half the country’s population.
While women account for 42% of the total number of gamers in Korea, the number of female game developers is very small, accounting for only about 25% of the workforce in the industry. In addition, women working in this sector are under great pressure from gender inequality.
According to AFP, many gamers, mainly men, take the time to follow each like, share or comment of female employees in the video game industry to see if they support feminism or not. If they do, they will file a lawsuit, pressure and threaten to boycott the agency.
“They are constantly attacking those who post something even slightly related to women’s rights issues. They ask the company to fire that employee immediately, ”said a senior manager at a game company.
In 2016, Korea’s leading game company Nexon was forced to fire a voice actress in the face of public pressure. Before that, the girl posted a picture wearing a T-shirt with the words “Girls don’t need princes in their life”.



The female characters in the game are required to be “sexy, rude, increasing men’s excitement”. In addition, employees in the video game industry are not supported by feminism.

Scor Mu, a visual artist for a game studio in Chengdu (China), understands that female characters must be “beautiful and charming” is the unwritten industry rule. However, the 28-year-old was still shocked when she received a design request from the partner company last year.
“New female characters must inspire men,” SCMP quotes the text received by Scor Mu.
When asked if she filed a complaint about the incident, Scor said it was completely pointless. Artists like her have no choice but to accept and patiently get the job done.
“Sometimes you have to let it go and comfort yourself that at least the boss gave the clear directive from the start. However, it really affected my morale while working, ”Scor shared.
In 2019, according to a report by the Government-run Video Games Association (CGIGC), an estimated 300 million players in China are women, accounting for 46.2% of all gamers in the country.
However, they do not spend heavily. The amount of female deposits accounts for less than a quarter of the revenue of game companies. That means that the preferences and tastes of the men will determine the game’s shape and direction.
“Since most players are men, game developers focus on the needs of this audience,” said Tingting Liu, associate professor at Jinan University.

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Female players and gender equality story in esports

Still know gender equality in esports is important, but between male gamers and female gamers there are very basic differences.
Last November, Xiaomeng “Liooon” Li became the first female gamer to win a major championship from BlizzCon and Hearthstone. After the championship, she advised the girls out there who want to succeed with esports to believe in themselves and completely escape from gender stereotypes.

Despite saying that, it is not easy to do so. According to research from Michigan State University, women’s ability to engage with games is influenced by many external factors, but mainly from the negative actions of male colleagues.
That makes the girls’ trust and motivation easily impaired. In addition, research has also shown that male gamers are better able to endure and rotate pressure, while female gamers often experience reduced gaming performance when experiencing psychological problems.
At the end of February, the all-female team of Vaevictis Esports had to disband because of its poor performance. While the levels of these 5 girls are below the general level of the tournament, their adaptability and progress are also limited by psychological gender differences.
According to a recent survey by Amnesty International, women make up 37% of people appearing on the internet, including female gamers who are insulted, harassed and intimidated, greatly affecting the their development. The small number of female gamers is also a problem when not all girls are really passionate and pursue a career of gamers to the end.

Female Gamers

Female gamers who were locked out of their accounts for wearing too sexy

Using their bodies as tools to attract viewers, these streamers were permanently locked out of their accounts because of their tricks.
LegendaryLea, whose real name is Lea May, is quite famous on TwitchTV channel because of her impressive ability to mix games and play games.

Having a good looking face with a sexy body, but this female gamer often uses tricks, many times “accidentally” show her body in front of viewers. After many revealing breasts, revealing the third round, the management of this stream channel locked Lea May’s account permanently, although she always insisted that she did not know the camera was still working when things happened, but most people play confirmed her intentions are still too obvious
Pink Sparkles is a beautiful and extremely hot League of Legends female gamer. She is also remembered by everyone because of her habit of drawing a black heart on her nose every time she airs. Besides, another habit of this female gamer is to regularly wear open-breasted bras and intentionally show off her “mound” to please the audience. This is also the reason why her stream account was locked after many recidivism
Like her “colleagues” on Twitch, female gamer Alinity also attracted a large number of people watching her livestream with game play and erotic choreography. Her forte is also active rhythm games. And after many times of sexy dress, her stream account was also locked permanently.


Archery game attracts Chinese female players

The men’s gaming market is increasingly saturated in China. Therefore, women become a new target for developers here.
Fate of Empress is an ancient role-playing game designed exclusively for female gamers in China. The romantic content, the form of puzzle playing and the thrilling archery displays like in the movie help the game quickly capture the hearts of women.

The number of people playing mobile games in China is the largest in the world, so games like Fate of Empress are increasing. Giants like Tencent, NetEase, and Bilibili went to smaller studios, too, racing to win over female players.
Land waiting to be exploited
“Women games are gold mines waiting to be exploited. This is a group of players with very high growth potential”, said Zhang Chundi, video game analyst at Ampere Analysis.
Like other countries in the region, the Chinese gaming industry is inspired by Japan’s women’s games. Researchers say that Japanese developers easily create games that appeal to both men and women because of a culture that prefers cuteness. Can see this in monsters Pokemon, Doraemon …
However, according to Zhang, Chinese companies turn to making games for women because the market is saturated. The most popular mobile game in China today is Vuong Gia Vinh Dieu including muscular male characters, next to sexy female generals. The image build like above has no longer earned new players. Therefore, game companies have to find “new land” to exploit.

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The hard life of Chinese professional female gamers, 8 hours of practicing every day, being given priority with her gorgeous look and outstanding singing skills

While male gamers can play professionally to make money since 2000 and earn millions of dollars in bonuses, female gamers still have many difficulties on the path to becoming professional gamers.
As a teen, Gui Lisha dropped out of school to go to gaming stalls so often that her father threatened to take her to internet addiction camps. Immediately after graduating from high school, Gui left his hometown to join a professional esports team. Her father thought she was falling into a multi-level marketing scam and flew to the city where she lived to rescue her.

Gui, currently 20 years old, is known in the Chinese esports community as LLG San Chen. LLG (Love Laughing Girls) is the team name of Gui, one of China’s first all-female professional esports teams. In the last tournament in August, LLG played League of Legends (LOL) with three other teams of female gamers from Europe, Taiwan and Korea. This tournament in addition to the prize worth more than 10,000 USD also recognizes female gamers who deserve to be treated like male gamers.
“I want to prove that I am not inferior to male colleagues,” said Zhang Zhou, 19, teammate of Gui.
It is estimated that esports will generate revenue of nearly $ 700 million this year and that number will double by 2020.