Female Gamers

Chinese women indulge in romantic games

Romantic game and Producer with 94.2% of the players is a woman making waves in China. This game allows the ladies to experience the sensation only found in love stories.
China is currently the largest gaming market in the world with the highest average user returns. The trend of playing games on mobile phones is also on track to overtake computer games.

The third quarter 2017 report by market research firm iResearch found that “PC gaming fell slightly, while mobile game players grew steadily” in China.
Mobile game development companies are not targeting those who are addicted to gaming, but at those who do not usually play, the South China Morning Post of Hong Kong reported.
Also, according to Newzoo’s market analysis report, 45% of mobile game players are women. According to, the trend of mobile games for Chinese people is cartoon style games.
Love and Producer game includes a full range of features just should. This is a mobile game aimed at women in a cartoon style game. Paper Studio Company, the publisher Love and Producer has learned from the romantic game genre, simulating real-life love, which was very popular with women in Asia in the 1990s, was born in Japan.
With Love and Producer, Paper Studio puts the player-girl at the center of attention. They play the role of a lady who is successful, talented, and admired by the 4 men.
Since its release on December 14, 2017, over 7 million people have downloaded apps and games reaching 4 million daily players.


Archery game attracts Chinese female players

The men’s gaming market is increasingly saturated in China. Therefore, women become a new target for developers here.
Fate of Empress is an ancient role-playing game designed exclusively for female gamers in China. The romantic content, the form of puzzle playing and the thrilling archery displays like in the movie help the game quickly capture the hearts of women.

The number of people playing mobile games in China is the largest in the world, so games like Fate of Empress are increasing. Giants like Tencent, NetEase, and Bilibili went to smaller studios, too, racing to win over female players.
Land waiting to be exploited
“Women games are gold mines waiting to be exploited. This is a group of players with very high growth potential”, said Zhang Chundi, video game analyst at Ampere Analysis.
Like other countries in the region, the Chinese gaming industry is inspired by Japan’s women’s games. Researchers say that Japanese developers easily create games that appeal to both men and women because of a culture that prefers cuteness. Can see this in monsters Pokemon, Doraemon …
However, according to Zhang, Chinese companies turn to making games for women because the market is saturated. The most popular mobile game in China today is Vuong Gia Vinh Dieu including muscular male characters, next to sexy female generals. The image build like above has no longer earned new players. Therefore, game companies have to find “new land” to exploit.