Female Gamers

Chinese women indulge in romantic games

Romantic game and Producer with 94.2% of the players is a woman making waves in China. This game allows the ladies to experience the sensation only found in love stories.
China is currently the largest gaming market in the world with the highest average user returns. The trend of playing games on mobile phones is also on track to overtake computer games.

The third quarter 2017 report by market research firm iResearch found that “PC gaming fell slightly, while mobile game players grew steadily” in China.
Mobile game development companies are not targeting those who are addicted to gaming, but at those who do not usually play, the South China Morning Post of Hong Kong reported.
Also, according to Newzoo’s market analysis report, 45% of mobile game players are women. According to, the trend of mobile games for Chinese people is cartoon style games.
Love and Producer game includes a full range of features just should. This is a mobile game aimed at women in a cartoon style game. Paper Studio Company, the publisher Love and Producer has learned from the romantic game genre, simulating real-life love, which was very popular with women in Asia in the 1990s, was born in Japan.
With Love and Producer, Paper Studio puts the player-girl at the center of attention. They play the role of a lady who is successful, talented, and admired by the 4 men.
Since its release on December 14, 2017, over 7 million people have downloaded apps and games reaching 4 million daily players.

Female Gamers


“There are also a few exceptions but not the hottest games right now. That makes it difficult to produce games from a women’s perspective, ”commented associate professor.

The same goes for South Korea, the world’s sixth-largest video game market with half the country’s population.
While women account for 42% of the total number of gamers in Korea, the number of female game developers is very small, accounting for only about 25% of the workforce in the industry. In addition, women working in this sector are under great pressure from gender inequality.
According to AFP, many gamers, mainly men, take the time to follow each like, share or comment of female employees in the video game industry to see if they support feminism or not. If they do, they will file a lawsuit, pressure and threaten to boycott the agency.
“They are constantly attacking those who post something even slightly related to women’s rights issues. They ask the company to fire that employee immediately, ”said a senior manager at a game company.
In 2016, Korea’s leading game company Nexon was forced to fire a voice actress in the face of public pressure. Before that, the girl posted a picture wearing a T-shirt with the words “Girls don’t need princes in their life”.

Games for Girls


To many people who are unknown about the female participation in gaming, nowadays, there are 46% gamers who are female (according to Entertainment Software Association), which is nearly half of the whole gaming “population”. There are definitely some certain types of gaming which are more appealing to female gamers than others.  

In 2017, the co-founder of the renowned gaming analysis brand Quantic Foundry, Mr. Nick Yee, brought out a report about types of games which most participants were female. To complete this report, Nick Yee had to execute a special survey which scaled up to 270,000 female gamers about different types of their favourite games. According to his surveys, there have been 70% of female gamers who are fond of farming or family-nurturing gamplays, while half of them opt for puzzles or adventure games. Other types of gamplays such as FPS, shooting or racing, the participation of female ones is unremarkable. To sports games, the proportion of female participation is just 2%. 

These data might not be a big surprise for most of gamers, however, the below might be one. Actually, 36% of MMORPG gamers are female, while this proportion for World of Warcraft is just 26%. Meanwhile, the Star Wars gameplay: The Old Republic has the number of female participants doubling the average data. Dragon Age: Inquisition, somehow has 48% of gamers who are women, more than the “26%” number of the Western role-playing gameplay. 

Nick expressed his opinion that it has never been too difficult for gaming producers to attract female gamers, especially for these Western role-playing gameplays. However, gaming producers and developers must figure out their own secret “recipe” to make it real. To attract and motivate gaming for female gamers, producers need to develop and highlight the role of women in the format and context of their gameplay, Nick explained more detailedly.