Games for Girls

Making female gamers easy or difficult?

Although they all said that it is too normal for women to play games at the moment, but 8 out of 10 respondents thought it was too difficult to become a professional female gamer.

In fact, gaming is often associated with men, but the diversity of game players is increasing over time, especially for women. Many game developers today are trying to find ways to optimize their games from computers, smartphones, consoles … to be suitable for a wide range of subjects.
The game market is easily accessible to a wide variety of audiences, especially smartphones. Because, unlike personal computers or consoles, smartphones are becoming easier to use, more convenient and also versatile, games are also easily accessible to the other two types of devices.
Female gamers make up a relatively large proportion
Figures citing Wiki show that 48% of women in the US say they have played video games in their life, of which only 6% claim to be gamers, but for men it is 15%. . However, this rate has risen to 9% among women aged 18-29. Only 4% of those aged 50 and over identify themselves as gamers.
According to a study conducted by the Entertainment Software Association in 2009, 40% of game players are women and women 18 and older account for 34% of all gamers. In addition, the percentage of women playing online games has risen to 43%, an increase of 4% compared to 2004. Similar research shows that 48% of game buyers are women. The use of the word “girl gamer” is controversial. Some critics believe there is no exact definition to say about a female gamer.