Female Gamers

Female gamers who were locked out of their accounts for wearing too sexy

Using their bodies as tools to attract viewers, these streamers were permanently locked out of their accounts because of their tricks.
LegendaryLea, whose real name is Lea May, is quite famous on TwitchTV channel because of her impressive ability to mix games and play games.

Having a good looking face with a sexy body, but this female gamer often uses tricks, many times “accidentally” show her body in front of viewers. After many revealing breasts, revealing the third round, the management of this stream channel locked Lea May’s account permanently, although she always insisted that she did not know the camera was still working when things happened, but most people play confirmed her intentions are still too obvious
Pink Sparkles is a beautiful and extremely hot League of Legends female gamer. She is also remembered by everyone because of her habit of drawing a black heart on her nose every time she airs. Besides, another habit of this female gamer is to regularly wear open-breasted bras and intentionally show off her “mound” to please the audience. This is also the reason why her stream account was locked after many recidivism
Like her “colleagues” on Twitch, female gamer Alinity also attracted a large number of people watching her livestream with game play and erotic choreography. Her forte is also active rhythm games. And after many times of sexy dress, her stream account was also locked permanently.