Female Gamers

Seven female gamers have changed the face of world esports (to be continued)

Perhaps, the name MamaDao is too strange for many Asian gamers, but this name earns really a great power in the fighting game community in the US. Her real name is Carolyn Dao, MamaDao is the name that gamers in the community give her, demonstrating how great her influence is. Not only is the queen planning quality tournaments, MamaDao is also the founder of Combo Queens, an organization that works for female gamers in fighting games.

3 / Stephanie “missharvey” Harvey
Beautiful, talented? What could be more accurate than these words to describe Stephanie. Not only is she good at gaming, her game design such a special ability can’t be criticized. Stephanie is also a role model for a modern and strong female gamer. She is also the co-founder of Missclick to create a great support environment for gamers. So multi-talented, so versatile, you have nothing to disparage this girl.
And guess what, Stephanie has been rolling around in the industry for 13 years, and she’s still eager to compete in eSports while still playing for Counter Logic Gaming in CS: GO.
4 / Kelsey Moser
Before becoming an analyst for H2K, this female gamer became famous because of her coverage in the EU LCS tournament.

Keyles is also participating in a talk show called “Narrative Wake” with the colleague Duncan “Thorin” Shields and has always been considered one of the best current analysts in the eSports world – a living proof that a woman can become an analyst if she tries her best.



ESports is developing and even predicted to be a billion-dollar industry soon in the near future. And it is not hard to understand if we take a look at the enormous amount of income being offered to eSports gamers, which is increasing year by year. However, it is not only male gamers who take advantage of this lucractive income but also many gorgeous female ones earn a lot of money from taking part in this billion-dollar industry. Let’s take a look at the below list to gain a closer insight into these gorgeous gamers.

Sasha Hostyn (Scarlett)

Rank#: 1

Country: Canada

DOB: 14 December 1993 (25)

Player ID: Scarlett

Player Name: Sasha Hostyn

Total Earnings: $200,693.82

Game: StarCraft II

The richest female gamer in this list is Sasha Hostyn, who is aslo known with the other ingame name as Scarlett. She kicked off her career as a professional gamer in 2011, it did not take Sasha a lot of time to gain the popularity all around the world when after just 1 year of taking part in different plays, she successfully defeated a lot of masters in the StarCraft game at that time.

With more than 141 championships throughout her career in different game tournaments, this girl coming from Canada has been worldwide recognized as the best female gamer in the international eSports field, deserved be on top 1 of this list.V

Katherine Gunn (Mystik)

Rank#: 2

Country: USA

DOB: 20 April 1988 (29)

Player ID: Mystik

Player Name: Katherine Gunn

Total Earnings: $122,000.00

Game: Halo: Reach

Katherine is luckier than the rest gamers of this list when she was born in a family which all members hold a fascination for gaming. She quickly gained popularity after taking part in the renowned game – Halo: Reach with the ingame name is Mystik.L