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The difference between men and women when betting

In terms of basic knowledge, women can also participate in all kinds of rafters such as European markets like Asia, Europe, fortune-fainted with full keywords such as “draw is win”, “ball game”, “catch taste ”… clearly and clearly. Many people share that they are interested in do betting were “infected” from her husband, but most of them played small enough to entertain and not be lost. There is also the biggest difference between women and men in every black fun

With the difference in gender, women can control and stop at the right time when playing. At the right time because after all, the family is the most important thing. The essence of Asian women. East is sacrifice, endurance, so before any decision, they always put the benefits of husband and children first. Meanwhile, with men, the pressure to make money for the family. Strike has become the main task, so before the tempting odds, the odds are won tall, men easily “swing their hands over their forehead”, rushing in like burning body. Even that, people do. The husband and father all have good intentions and want to help the family have more money to farm in, but they do to make myself forgive, even become a burden for loved ones.
According to the survey, women bet football with the mindset mainly for fun, like there is something to chat with her husband, do not put much weight on the issue of winning or losing because they only dare to bet very small value. Therefore, most women will choose easy matches like the odds of soccer if playing with the dealer, including bets with a higher chance of winning than needed analyzing more, they just dare to “lose money” with more suitable options.

Female Gamers


“There are also a few exceptions but not the hottest games right now. That makes it difficult to produce games from a women’s perspective, ”commented associate professor.

The same goes for South Korea, the world’s sixth-largest video game market with half the country’s population.
While women account for 42% of the total number of gamers in Korea, the number of female game developers is very small, accounting for only about 25% of the workforce in the industry. In addition, women working in this sector are under great pressure from gender inequality.
According to AFP, many gamers, mainly men, take the time to follow each like, share or comment of female employees in the video game industry to see if they support feminism or not. If they do, they will file a lawsuit, pressure and threaten to boycott the agency.
“They are constantly attacking those who post something even slightly related to women’s rights issues. They ask the company to fire that employee immediately, ”said a senior manager at a game company.
In 2016, Korea’s leading game company Nexon was forced to fire a voice actress in the face of public pressure. Before that, the girl posted a picture wearing a T-shirt with the words “Girls don’t need princes in their life”.



The female characters in the game are required to be “sexy, rude, increasing men’s excitement”. In addition, employees in the video game industry are not supported by feminism.

Scor Mu, a visual artist for a game studio in Chengdu (China), understands that female characters must be “beautiful and charming” is the unwritten industry rule. However, the 28-year-old was still shocked when she received a design request from the partner company last year.
“New female characters must inspire men,” SCMP quotes the text received by Scor Mu.
When asked if she filed a complaint about the incident, Scor said it was completely pointless. Artists like her have no choice but to accept and patiently get the job done.
“Sometimes you have to let it go and comfort yourself that at least the boss gave the clear directive from the start. However, it really affected my morale while working, ”Scor shared.
In 2019, according to a report by the Government-run Video Games Association (CGIGC), an estimated 300 million players in China are women, accounting for 46.2% of all gamers in the country.
However, they do not spend heavily. The amount of female deposits accounts for less than a quarter of the revenue of game companies. That means that the preferences and tastes of the men will determine the game’s shape and direction.
“Since most players are men, game developers focus on the needs of this audience,” said Tingting Liu, associate professor at Jinan University.